Telling your unique story with stunning imagery

With quality photo and video to reach your target brides and grooms

Showcase your Unique Brand

every business needs content

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we love to create content that highlights the businesses we work with. We are passionate about the wedding community in Montana, and we love helping vendors level up their branding content, and become the obvious choice in their couples' eyes. 

Trust us when we say our process is different! We don't just show up and shoot. We take the time to get to know your business. Our planning process ensures that we're creating content that you and your couples will love!

Whether it's headshots, commercials, or content showcasing your products, our process ensures a positive experiences for everyone we work with. 

We Love Our Wedding Vendors!

our content helps them grow

Plan and Prepare

Photography and Video

Meet and Learn

In this part of the process, we're ensuring that your content will be tailored to your needs. We work out locations, timeline, outfits, and styling to make sure our shoots run perfectly!

This is the fun part! We take all we've learned and planned in the previous stages, and run the shoot!

We meet to get to know your business and address three specific questions:
1) What makes you different from your competition?
2) Who is your ideal client? 
3) What brand misconceptions do you need to overcome?

Our Process